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About Marble Urns

Marble is a very popular choice of material for cremation urns, as it offers great beauty and strength. This stone can be found in many different hues, often with veins of a contrasting color adding to the stunning appearance. The stone is said to represent purity and immortality, which makes marble urns a particularly meaningful choice.

To create marble, limestone and dolomite rock must be exposed to extreme heat and pressure, which causes the mineral grains to recrystallize in an interlocking mosaic pattern. When various impurities, such as iron oxides or clay, are introduced during this process, the characteristic veins and swirls are formed. The stone is relatively soft, which makes it an excellent choice for construction, sculpture, and decorative pieces, such as marble urns.

Marble Urn Colors

You can find marble urns in many different colors, but some of the most common include the following:

  • White
  • Blue-gray
  • Green
  • Pink or red
  • Black
  • Brown

Variations and combinations of these colors are also quite common, such as a green marble urn with white veins.

Marble Urn Styles

Marble urns from Perfect Memorials are available in traditional vase style, boxes and chests, clocks, sculptures, and more. The nature of this stone make it extremely popular, especially for decorative pieces. Most urns are made from polished pieces of solid marble, although sculpture urns may be made with crushed stone.

It's important to note that, for top-filling urns – including those in the vase style – the urn lid does not screw closed. The nature of the stone makes this type of closure impractical. Instead, you may want to add an inside the urn bag to hold the ashes and protect them from accidents. The top of the marble urn can also be sealed shut with a high quality silicone sealant. Some urns already come with a bag and sealant included for your convenience.

Personalizing an Urn

Most marble urns from Perfect Memorials can be personalized with several lines of engraving. How many characters you can have engraved on the urn will depend on its size, style, and any other decoration. Adding a personal engraving on the urn will help to permanently identify it, which can be especially important if you'll be placing it in a cemetery or columbarium.

Choosing the Right Urn

Picking an urn is a very personal decision, and you should always choose one that helps you to honor your deceased loved one. If you're planning on burying the marble urn in an urn vault or placing it in a niche in a columbarium, make sure that the urn you choose is the right size to fit in that location. Columbaria, which are buildings made specifically to hold urns, typically have niches of a standard size and a very large urn might not fit.

You will also want to make sure that the urn you choose is large enough to hold all of the cremains. A good rule of thumb is to make sure that there is 1 cubic inch of volume in the urn for each pound that the deceased weighed before cremation. A 150-pound individual, then, would need a marble urn that holds at least 150 cubic inches. You may want to select an urn that holds slightly more volume than you think you need.

If you only have a portion of the cremains, there are many keepsake marble urns available that hold only a pinch or two of ashes. These small urns are available in many different styles, including vases and heart-shaped boxes.

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How to select the right size urn

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Choosing the right size urn

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Choosing the right size urn is easy. For every one pound before cremation you will need 1 cubic inch of volume. For example, a loved one weighing 200 pounds will need an urn that is at least 200 cubic inches or larger. Choosing an urn larger then you need is OK.