Memorial Ornaments

Crystal Memorial Ornaments 113 Products $18.95 to $94.95
Holiday Memorial Ornaments 39 Products $19.95 to $44.95
Porcelain Memorial Ornaments 77 Products $9.99 to $149.75
Satin Finish Memorial Bell Ornament - Engravable $44.95

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About Memorial Ornaments

If you're looking for a small, personal way to remember a loved one who has passed away, memorial ornaments are a wonderful option. Available in crystal and porcelain, these mementos can usually be personalized with the departed's name, dates, and a brief message. Some ornaments include a piece of engraved artwork or even a photo of your loved one. While beautiful tributes to our human loved ones, any of our offerings can also be used as memorial ornaments for pets, who are also treasured members of our families.

Crystal memorial ornaments are made of beautiful clear glass, and each includes a red satin cord for hanging and a protective bag. Not only do you have a variety of shapes to choose from, but you can also select ornaments with engraved artwork, including crosses, butterflies, trees, and much more. Some include decorative engraved borders.

Porcelain memorial ornaments are made with quality ceramic and come with a silver satin cord. These ornaments are available with a variety of backgrounds, including a classic cream; holiday colors of red, green, and blue; or color artwork, such as a beachscape or American flag. You can also choose porcelain memorial ornaments with a picture that you provide, either in the center of the piece or covering the entire background.

Personalized Memorial Ornaments

Nearly all memorial ornaments can be personalized, even if only with a name and dates. Most have space for at least one or two additional brief lines of text, often of 16 to 20 characters. If it's important to you to be able to include your own message on the ornament, make sure that you check the product order page to see how many lines of engraving are available.

In most cases, there is no charge for basic engraving, including the person's name and dates of birth and death. Some personalized memorial ornaments have optional artwork or a poem that can be added, but these may require a small additional cost.

Displaying Your Ornament

The holiday season is not the only time that you can display memorial ornaments, of course. You may want to hang your memento in a window or on a wall as a reminder all year long. Crystal ornaments are a particularly good choice for display in windows, as they can catch the light beautifully.

Many people also like to display an ornament next to an urn or memorial picture frame. You can also hang it from a rearview mirror to keep your memento with you as you travel.

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