Memorial Tear Jewelry

About Memorial Tear Jewelry

Created by jewelry designer Kathy Bernu, a Memorial Tear® necklace combines two images – a teardrop and a rose – into one symbol of remembrance. The teardrop symbolizes the grief that the loss of a loved one causes, while the rose represents the undying love we have for them. Together, they become a beautiful way to remember that, even after the loss of a cherished loved one, our love for them never ends.

Every piece of Memorial Tear® jewelry from Perfect Memorials comes with a special insert card that reads: "This is a teardrop to be worn in memory of someone loved. The rose is a symbol of love that never ends. 1 Corinthians 13: 8,13." Ms. Bernu created the Memorial Tear after experiencing a long period of grief, and she wanted to share this consoling message with others.

Memorial jewelry from Perfect Memorials is a wonderful way to honor a friend or loved one who has passed away. Many people find that having a high quality necklace, ring, or other piece of jewelry that they can carry with them on a daily basis brings great comfort after a loss. It's a very tangible way of remembering your loved one in a subtle, elegant way.

Options for Memorial Tear® Jewelry

As a part of this collection, you can choose from Memorial Tear® necklaces, charm bracelets, rings, or lapel pins. Each includes a rose inside of a teardrop, although there are several design variations. One variation is a solid, flat charm in the shape of a tear with a rose drawn inside. Another design includes the tear as an open frame, with a rose resting at the base. There are also several Memorial Tear® pendant options, including solid and open designs, as well as photo lockets.

Memorial Tear® necklaces are available in gold and sterling silver, and some pieces – such as the Memorial Tear Rose 14k Gold Pendant with Marquise Diamond include precious stones. Please note that, unless the item specifically says otherwise, most Memorial Tear® jewelry is not cremation jewelry, which means that it does not have a chamber to hold cremains or burial soil.

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