Natural Handmade Biodegradable Box Cremation Urn (PM10757)

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This urn is designed for a loved one with a healthy weight of 200 pounds or less before cremation.

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Product Information

Usually ships same or next business day. If custom personalization is selected, item will ship in 1-2 business days.
Exterior Dimensions:
9-1/4"L x 7-1/8"W x 5-1/4"H
200 cubic inches

This Natural biodegradable paper box cremation urn is made of handmade paper. A green fitted band adorns the outside of the urn. This urn also comes with an interior biodegradable black box. These urns are suitable for ground burial or displaying in your home. Biodegradable bag not included. Due to the nature of this handmade product, color and paper pattern may slightly vary.

Optional Personalization
Optional personalization can be done in two fonts. Personalization can be up to 2 lines with 35 characters per line. An optional poem may also be personalized on the back of the urn. Choose from 10 different poems. Optional artwork may also be personalized on the front of the urn. (See artwork options above and poem options below)

Why choose personalization?
Personalization your memorial helps to permanently identify the urn. Personalization helps make the memorial for your loved one personal and unique. Some cemetaries can require direct personalization for identifcation purposes. In the incident of being misplaced or lost the personalization can help return the memorial back to it's proper location.

The urn meets the standards of the Transportation Security Administration and can pass through gate-side security and be carried onboard an airplane.

Biodegradable Ground Burial
These biodegradable urns are fabricated by hand from recycled and eco-friendly paper which breaks down naturally when buried. They are durable, with no "shelf life" and will NOT begin to biodegrade until they are buried in the ground.

The Environment
Earthurns are manufactured with the environment in mind. The tree bark used to make the paper is harvested from the mulberry tree in such a way that the tree continues to grow, undamaged. This sustainable process is centuries old and ensures the preservation of ancient forests.
Once the bark of the tree is harvested, it is soaked until soft and then laid out on to bamboo screens where floral materials are inlaid by hand. The screens are then placed in the sun to dry. The resulting paper is used to make beautiful and environmentally-friendly urns.

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bio. urn

Reviewed By: sandy on 03/31/2011

I recently purchased a biodegradable urn from Perfect Memorials and it was much more than I had expected. This is going to hold my husbands remains until we scatter the ashes and I did not want "just a box" When I opened it I could not help but cry because it is so beautiful and perfect for him. It is sturdy and handmade and the finishing touch with the band around it is just what I would have chosen. Thank you so much for helping to make this difficult step so much easier!

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4 of 4 people found this review helpful


Reviewed By: Michele F on 01/21/2016

This biodegradable box was perfect for our Burial at Sea. I had to keep it in my carryon luggage & the size was perfect. I did not get it engraved but instead wrote a message on it & all my mother's friends signed it before the ceremony.

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3 of 5 people found this review helpful

Nice box, but color is not as pictured

Reviewed By: D.W. on 12/06/2016

My family purchased this box to bury my father's remains. When it arrived two days before the burial service, I was taken aback by the color, which I would describe as pistachio green than the natural linen/off-white color from the photo. I never would have guessed that a product described as "natural" would be a kind of bright green color rather than a linen color. I was very worried how my mother would react, but with all of the other funeral planning going on, she thankfully decided it wasn't worth getting upset over.

As for the quality of the box, it seemed very nice and well-made. Everything fit together nicely, and I liked how it came with an inner box to go inside the exterior box. I would have given it 5 stars if the color from the photo matched what we received.

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