Pet Headstones

About Pet Headstones

Mark your pet's final resting place with a beautiful pet headstone from Perfect Memorials. Pet headstones can be as simple as a stone engraved with a brief staying, such as “Here Lies a Faithful Friend and Companion," or more customized with your pet's name, dates of birth and death, and a quote. You can find burial markers for pets to fit nearly any budget in a range of sizes and materials.

Personalized Pet Headstones

When considering pet gravestones, think about how customized you'd like the stone to be. Even non-personalized dog headstones, for example, might include paw prints, bones, or similar images. If you'd like a personalized pet headstone, you'll want to consider how much information you wish to display and the size of the engraving. There are some custom headstones for pets that include only a small plaque, while larger burial markers may feature engraving as wide as the marker itself. You might also want a marker that includes an engraved image of your pet.

Custom Burial Markers for Pets

Burial markers are a type of pet headstone that is installed flush with the ground. These markers are often made of black granite, and they are especially common in pet cemeteries and similar locations. There's no reason why you cannot install a pet burial marker in your yard, however. A granite pet memorial can range in size from 10" x 6" to 12" x 8" or so and vary in thickness from less than 1" to just over 2".

Burial marker headstones for dogs, cats, and other pets typically have room for four to six lines of engraving, with 25 characters or more per line. It's important to note that you don't necessarily need to use all of the lines or all of the characters – the skilled engravers at Perfect Memorials will format your requested text so that it appears at its best on the marker. Granite burial markers can vary slightly in appearance due to the nature of the stone.

Choosing a Pet Headstone

Remember that, while most pet gravestones are placed over the burial site of a pet, there's no reason why you can't install one where you've buried your pet's ashes, where you've spread the cremains, or simply in a location where your pet liked to spend time. Pet headstones are a wonderful way to honor and remember your pet, so you should choose one that you like and that helps you to remember the happy times.

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