Pet Markers and Plaques

About Pet Markers and Plaques

After a pet has passed away, many people like to mark their grave or the site where they've spread their ashes with a special marker or plaque. Perfect Memorials has a wide selection of pet grave markers, memorial plaques for pets, and other memorials with which to honor your animal companion. Many of these pet markers can be personalized with a name and dates, and often have space for a brief message as well.

Pet Grave Marker Options

You have a number of choices when it comes to pet grave markers, from black granite stones that sit flush to the ground to gray memorial stones that blend into a garden or flower bed. When choosing a pet grave marker, consider where you'll be placing it, if you want the stone personalized, and what size of stone you'd like. If you are looking for dog grave markers to place in a larger pet cemetery, for example, you may be required to choose a stone of a certain size or design. Larger memorial plaques for pets also tend to be more expensive, as are those with custom engraving.

Common Pet Memorial Plaque Features and Price Ranges:

Features Options Price Range Details
Materials silver or gold metal $10 - $20 Typically small; includes brass and metallic finished resin
marble $35 - $100 Price typically varies by size
bluestone $50 - $150
river rock $50 - $150
granite $30 - $400 Wide range of prices, depending on size and amount of engraving
Engraving customized engraving $0 - $15 Custom engraving is included in the price of many pet memorial plaques
artwork $5 - $20 May be required to choose from list of options
photo engraving included Most often included in the price of the plaque
Size/Lines 2 - 3 lines of text $10 - $75 While the "lines of text" measurement doesn't reveal the actual size of the pet memorial plaque, it tends to be a good indication. Price also varies by materials.
3 - 5 lines of text $50 - $150
3 - 5 lines of text + photo $100 - $200
5 - 9 lines of text + photo $200 - $400

Choosing a Pet Grave Marker

The first thing you will want to consider when choosing between pet markers is whether or not you want a personalized stone. There are many attractive non-customized options, including those with standard engraving like "Best Friend" or "Dogs leave paw prints on our hearts." Even if they do not include your pet's name, they can still make respectful pet grave markers for a garden or yard. This is especially true if you have decided to cremate your pet and spread its ashes, letting the stone act as more of a pet memorial plaque rather than a specific grave marker.

If you do want to choose from custom pet memorial plaques that can be, you'll want to consider how much engraving you need on the stone. Pet grave markers come in a number of different sizes, which can impact not only how much engraving you can have, but also how large that engraving will be. Smaller markers may only have space for two or three lines, and possibly only 14 to 18 characters in each. Large markers can have up to five or six lines, with 25 to 35 characters each. You may also have space for an engraved photo or small piece of artwork, depending on the grave marker that you choose.

Pet grave markers are available in a number of different materials, including black and gray granite, bluestone, whitestone, river rock, dolomitic stone, and flagstone. Some markers are made of a combination of real stone particles and resin, which allows more control over the size and shape of the rock, as well as giving it added protection from rain and snow. All pet markers that are designed to be placed outdoors are made to be weatherproof.

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