Memorial Photo Plaques

Heart Ceramic Photo Plaques 2 Products $129.95 to $179.95
Oval Ceramic Photo Plaques 6 Products $109.95 to $179.95
Rectangle Ceramic Photo Plaques 2 Products $179.95 to $179.95
Round Ceramic Photo Plaques 2 Products $129.95 to $179.95

About Memorial Photo Plaques

Available in round, oval, rectangle, or heart-shaped, photo plaques from Perfect Memorials make a great addition to a headstone or memorial plaque. Made from 100% porcelain, these picture plaques are customized using a color or black and white photo of your choice. Your personal image is fired onto the ceramic at a very high temperature, which creates a brilliant, long-lasting result, guaranteed not to fade or crack.

Photo plaques from Perfect Memorials include a limited lifetime warranty against any damage, including potential vandalism. Because of the nature of the porcelain, the photo plaque is resistant to exposure to common outdoor elements, including rain, sunlight, frost, and temperature changes, so your memorial plaques with photos will honor your loved ones for years to come.

Photo Plaque Size Options

Depending on which shape of picture plaque you choose, you may also have several sizes available. Heart-shaped plaques, for example, are available in 4" x 4" or 6" x 6", while round plaques have either a 3.5" or a 6" diameter. If you want a larger plaque, consider oval or rectangle; oval photo plaques come in 2" x 2.75" or 5" x 7", while rectangular sizes are 5" x 7" or 8" x 10". The images in oval and rectangular plaques can be placed vertically or horizontally, giving you four size options to design your custom photo plaque.

When choosing your plaque size, consider where you'll place the photo. Memorial plaques with pictures are meant to glorify and remember your loved one, so you want the plaque to look dignified and purposeful, something your deceased will be proud of. If you're attaching your photo to a headstone or marker, make sure that you have enough space available. Many people leave aside a designated space when designing their burial marker so that the photo plaque can be attached at a later time. You'll also want to contact your cemetery to ensure that there are no regulations against displaying this type of plaque.

Attaching a Photo Plaque

Many people order photo plaques with the intention of attaching them to a headstone or burial marker. Your order will include a special adhesive and instructions for how to adhere the plaque to the marker. Of course, picture plaques can be installed in any location that you'd like, including on a wall or as part of an indoor memorial. If you don't want to attach the plaque to a headstone or wall, you may want to consider purchasing an easel or stand to hold it on display. There are plenty of ways to commemorate your loved one, respectfully and honorably, with your own custom photo plaques.

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