Small Classic Cremation Urn - Engravable (PM9692)

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This urn is designed for a loved one with a healthy weight of 85 pounds or less before cremation.

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Product Information

Usually ships same or next business day. If custom personalization is selected, item will ship in 1-2 business days.
Exterior Dimensions:
5" Dia. x 7.25"H
85 cubic inches

The Classic Cremation Urn is crafted from aluminum. This urn has a top-opening with a secure threaded lid. This metal vase style is available in many sizes ranging from keepsake to extra large.

Optional Engraving
Optional engraving can be done in a variety of fonts. Engraving can be up to 5 lines with 35 characters per line. An optional poem may also be engraved on the back of the urn. Choose from 10 different poems. Optional artwork may also be engraved on the front of the urn. (See artwork options above and poem options below)

Why choose engraving?
Engraving your memorial helps to permanently identify the urn. Personalization helps make the memorial for your loved one personal and unique. Some cemetaries can require direct engraving for identifcation purposes. In the incident of being misplaced or lost the engraving can help return the memorial back to it's proper location.

Poem Personalization on Back of Urn

Losing You
Our hearts still ache in sadness,
And secret tears still flow,
What it meant to lose you,
No one will ever know

Never Forget
Your presence we miss
Your memories we treasure
Loving you always
Forgetting you never

Butterflies to Heaven
If butterflies could fly to Heaven
they would bring my love to you
and yours right back to me

Forever in My Heart
Gone, yet not forgotten
Although we are apart
Your spirit lives within me
Forever in my heart

When Someone You Love
When someone you love
becomes a memory,
the memory becomes a treasure

No Farewell Words
No farewell words were spoken,
no time to say goodbye, you were
gone before we knew it,
and only God knows why

Those We Have Held
Those we have held
in our arms for a little while,
we hold in our hearts forever

Perhaps the Stars
Perhaps the stars in the sky,
are loved ones letting us know they are near,
by guiding us through the night

If Love Could Have Saved You
If love could have
saved you, you would
have lived forever

If Tears Could Build a Stairway
If tears could build a stairway
and memories a lane
I would walk right up to Heaven
and bring you home again

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Total Reviews: 20 (4.95 average)

3 of 4 people found this review helpful

5 Star Purchase

Reviewed By: Danielle Cherny on 09/25/2015

My dog sadly and unexpectedly passed away on September 14th. I came across Perfect Memorial's website while searching for urns, and I have been very pleased with the service and quality of the urn.


The website was easily navigated, even with me not being in the right state of mind to make these types of decisions.


I ordered my urn on a Friday and paid a little extra for 2 day shipping since I was going to receive his ashes that following week. I ordered it at night on a Friday and received an email from Perfect Memorial on Saturday to review and confirm my engraving. I wanted to change a couple things (see helpful tips below), and I offered to pay an additional $4.95 to see a new proof. Not only did they not charge me another proof charge, but they also sent over my new proof right away. I approved the proof and received notification on Sunday that my order had shipped. I received my urn on Tuesday.


The urn is packaged in bubble wrap. That is then placed in a styrofoam casing. It is then placed in the box. I was very happy with the packaging. My urn was very secure. There were not dents in the box or scratches on my urn. I was very pleased with this.


The urn is beautiful! I am very impressed with the color and quality of the urn. It is easy to see that it is of great quality and will last your lifetime (and longer!). The engraving looks fantastic, too. The urn is a bit heavy, but that's because of the metal it's made of. I was very happy with the quality. For the price, this was a fantastic buy.


Overall, I am very happy with my experience and purchase. I only have one semi-negative comment. I detail this under "HELPFUL HINTS #3" below. I say "semi-negative" because my pet did completely fit, but if my pet were what they listed can fit, he wouldn't have fit. That would have been frustrating, because you can't return an engraved item, and I would have had to buy another, bigger urn. For more on this, see #3 below.

I do highly recommend purchasing an urn from Perfect Memorials.


#1: I HIGHLY recommend you pay the $4.95 extra for a proof of your engraving! My engraving was lovely, but I hated the font (the letter "e" and "c" are identical if you choose the "Vanessa" font). Over time, that simple thing would have frustrated me beyond belief. (My dog had the letter "e" in his name, and the word "companion" was below that. It was completely obvious when you read it.

#2: I highly recommend that you use "-" instead of "/" for dates. I only saw this with two font types ("Vanessa" and "Balmoral" but it made a HUGE difference. With the "Vanessa" font, the "/" looks very similar to the number one, so my date pretty much read like this: 311112008 - 911412015. When it was supposed to read like this: 3/11/2008 - 9/14/2015. Just changing that one line made all the difference, and now I love it.)

#3: If your pet's weight is close to the recommended size listed, go up one size. My dog was 67 pounds prior to cremation, so I bought to SMALL urn size, which says it will fit up to 85 pounds (pre-cremation). He just barely fit in it. I had 18 pounds to spare, but he wouldn't have fit if he were any larger. So, a good rule of thumb is that your pet should be about 20 pounds less than what they list. So if they say an 85 pound animal will fit, only go with that urn if your pay is 65 pounds or less.

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2 of 2 people found this review helpful

Our Bella

Reviewed By: Kathy on 01/09/2013

Our precious boxer Bella passed away 5 days before Christmas. We were, of course, devastated and wanted nothing but the best for her, even though she was no longer with us. My husband and I were so happy when we received her urn. It was exactly what was shown on-line. The engraving was beautiful, and everyone we dealt with were extremely professional.

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1 of 1 people found this review helpful

Small Classic Brass Urn

Reviewed By: Karyn on 08/12/2015

This is the 2nd time I've placed an order with Perfect Memorials and I was once again completely satisfied and very pleased with my order. I tell everyone about my positive experience. I miss my dogs so much but I'm grateful to have them with me in these beautiful engraved urns. Clearly a loving tribute for anyone who has passed on. Thank you so much.

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1 of 1 people found this review helpful

Our Emma Sue

Reviewed By: Rebecca and Chris Worden on 03/03/2015

It has been so hard losing our beloved dog, Emma Sue. The urn is beautiful and the engraving is perfect. We received the urn quickly, within a few days. Once we received, it did give us some comfort, during such a hard time.

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1 of 1 people found this review helpful

love it

Reviewed By: Kathy C. on 02/16/2014

Came out better then i have expected so happy with the way it came out. the urn it self is very sturdy and the lettering in gold came out perfect

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1 of 1 people found this review helpful

Pleasant balm for a sad time

Reviewed By: Key Typer on 05/03/2011

When our beloved cat was nearing his end, I wanted something special for him to be displayed in. This urn was the perfect color and size, easy to order and customize, and it is gorgeous. The quality is excellent and the prices are very reasonable. My entire family appreciates the comfort it brings us. My noble buddy will be proud to inhabit it. Thank you.

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1 of 2 people found this review helpful

Excellent Service

Reviewed By: Tiffany on 12/09/2010

I am so pleased with my urn it was just what I hoped it would be. I looked at quite a few urns and nothing compared to your company. Thank you for getting it to us as fast as you did.

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Reviewed By: Angela steed on 04/24/2018

Absolutely high quality beautiful engraving for my loved one

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Very pleased

Reviewed By: Melanie on 10/18/2017

I am very happy with the work that was done on my Mothers Urn! Perfect writing, just love it. It will be cherished always!
Thank you so much!!!

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Just Perfect

Reviewed By: Penny on 05/17/2017

Very nice engraving and shipment arrived quickly so we could lay our much loved dog to rest.

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Small brass urn

Reviewed By: Fred Halliday on 03/19/2015

Purchased the small brass urn for my dog Reggie. The urn was shipped promptly and the quality was outstanding.

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Excellent Product, Excellent Service

Reviewed By: Kim on 05/19/2014

I ordered the _45 lb (small) pewter finish urn with paw prints and custom engraving for my cat's ashes. The crematorium gave me his ashes back in a very unimpressive wooden box. I can't complain because they gave me a paw print in clay. However, Perfect Memorials sent me a sample engraving within 10 hours of the order & shipped in _24 hrs from my order. It is beautiful, perfect, and great quality. It was packaged with care and lived up to the business namesake. Thank you so much for enabling pet owners to create such perfect keepsakes. I now feel like I have honored my pet in a keepsake that will last until he can be buried with me :) Your perfect, professional & considerate service is invaluable to those who have suffered the ultimate loss.

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Perfect Engraving

Reviewed By: ssuga on 04/13/2014

Beautiful, classic cremation urn and PM folks did a terrific, artful job of engraving. I was fearful of spelling errors because of somewhat complicated Asian names but everything was perfect. Great price, too.

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Very happy with our purchase

Reviewed By: Sara on 08/09/2013

In such a time of loss and sadness it is nice to have something be hassle free and gorgeous. We were more than impressed with our Urns. My dad would have loved it _3. Price was reasonable as well. Thank you

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Very nice!

Reviewed By: Jessica J. on 05/16/2013

The urn is beautiful and the customer service is excellent. This was my 2nd order and if I ever need another this is exactly where I will come. Highly recommend!

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So So Happy!

Reviewed By: Pat on 08/01/2012

I can say enough about how pleased I am with this urn. I lost my dog (Sassy), a red bone coonhound last week. She was 11 years old and I had her from day one of her birth. She had been a faithful companion to me, especially the past eight years when I began a widow. No words can express how I miss her. Receiving this urn today gives me comfort, knowing she is in such an attractive container. If you need an urn for a human or a pet, I would definately recommend this company. The engraving is perfect, too.

Was this review helpful?
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Reviewed By: rick on 05/25/2012

We did everything we could for our dog Luna, but nothing could save her. We ordered the small and it turned out to be more beautiful than we could imagine. Would give it five stars, but due to out of stock, it took 6 months to arrive. Customer service couldn't have been better, and nothing but sincere apologies from the staff for the wait. Thank you!

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Quality and Compassion!

Reviewed By: Mark on 11/30/2011

Wonderful product, extremely well made and the engraving is beautiful. An exceptional value. Also, the company is prompt and courteous. They understand the delicate nature of their business and it shows. I would definitely shop here again.

Was this review helpful?
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Brass Cremation Urn

Reviewed By: Bill on 11/30/2011

Excellent product for the price. The engraving is perfect and the process to insure no errors WORKS! Most highly recommend this product and Perfect Memorials.

Was this review helpful?
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Could not be happier

Reviewed By: Sarah Lauderdale on 10/14/2011

I was very pleased when I got this. Very well done and looked beautiful. Also shipped fast!

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