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After losing a loved one, many people find comfort in creating a memorial in their home or garden. Memorial statues often have a central place in these tributes. Many garden memorial sculptures include poems, quotes, or sayings that can help bring peace in a difficult time. A range of sizes and shapes are available, including statues of angels, crosses, frames, and more.

You have many options when it comes to memorial statues from Perfect Memorials. Most products are made of high quality resin that is made to look like sculpted stone but be lighter and more durable. Choose from simple figures or highly detailed ones with beading, flowers, and other decorations. Some sculptures can even be personalized with a small attached plaque.

Memorial Statue Options

While a wide variety of sculpture shapes are available, there are several general categories that you may wish to consider:

  • Memorial angel statues are available in both gray and beige stone, and in sizes ranging from about 7.5" tall to those that stand 14" or taller. Many include brief sentiment quotes, such as “May you find comfort in the arms of an Angel." You can also find stone wall plaques with angel images on them.

  • Cross memorial statues can also be found in a range of sizes and levels of detail. Many include flowers, doves, or angels, as well as short sayings engraved on them. Choose between plain, simple crosses or those with more a decorative shape.

  • Stone frame memorials look much like window frames, with a poem or quote engraved on the stone where the glass would traditionally be found. The frame is often in the shape of a Gothic or rounded top (standard) arch, although you may find trefoil designs as well.

  • Obelisks and totems may be found in the shape of a pillar or tall, flat stone. You may see engraved decorations at the top, along one or more sides, or at the bottom. Text engraving is typically placed anywhere along the length of these memorial statues.

Table and Garden Memorial Stones

When choosing among the many memorial sculptures, think about where you plan to place the stone. While most statues are made to be weatherproof, others are designed primarily for indoor use. Garden memorial statues will typically mention in the description that they are made to be placed outside; if the description does not mention any type of protection or weatherproofing, you're better off keeping the piece indoors. More highly decorative statues that include beading and other delicate details should also be displayed in your home rather than the garden.

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