Sunflower Fields Eco-Friendly Scattering Tube (PM5566)

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This urn is designed for a loved one with a healthy weight of 200 pounds or less before cremation.

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Product Information

Usually ships same or next business day. If custom personalization is selected, item will ship in 1-2 business days.
Exterior Dimensions:
12.6"H x 5"Dia.
200 cubic inches

Sunflower Field Eco-Friendly Scattering Tube

This scatter tube is designed to simplify the ash scattering process for a successful ceremony honoring your loved one. The outside of the urn has a vibrant photograph of a sunflower field. The tube is made of environmentally friendly recycled materials and is durable, dignified and simple to use. The tube has an inner capacity of 200 cubic inches that is suitable to hold the cremains of a loved one that had a healthy weight of 200 lbs or less prior to passing. The vessel is free of metal and plastic components and can be fully recycled or composted after its use.

Filling The Scatter Tube
Filling the scatter tube is very simple following the detailed steps below:

  1. Remove the lid from the urn by twisting it gently.
  2. Remove the inner white tube by twisting it gently and place on a flat surface with the open end facing upwards.
  3. Slowly fill the white tube with cremated remains.
  4. Squeeze a generous line of glue approximately one inch below the rim around the inside circumference of the outer tube (the tube with the sunflower image on the outside and a hole in the base).
  5. Line up the opening of both tubes and push the outer tube downwards slowly, to allow air to escape through the vent hole. Slowly rotate as pushing.
  6. Once the tubes are firmly in place, attach the label provided over the vent hole.
  7. Turn the sealed urn over and replace the lid to ensure that the image is aligned.

Ash Scattering Ceremony
For many, a memorial ceremony and celebration of life is a moment to treasure and honor the life of their special loved one. Planning a ceremony of this kind can be intimidating, especially for a first timer. Using this ash scattering ceremony checklist we have created and looking over these 8 tips for scattering ashes the process can be a breeze.

When the time has come for the ash scattering ceremony, the tube lid is removed from the urn and the perforated circle tab is removed. When you're ready, you will slowly tip the run over to scatter the cremains where you and your loved ones too. The process can be done in one place or in many. To transport after the tab has been removed, it is important to replace the lid to prevent any unintended spillage. Once empty, you may keep the urn, recycle it or allow it to naturally compost.

Optional Personalized Pendant
An optional personalized pendant can complete to hang around the urn. The string provided with this pendant should be strung around the lid of the tube, using the lid to hold it in place. The pendants engraving can be done in any of the optional font styles shown. Personalization can be up to 3 lines with a total of 25 characters per line. Optional artwork may also be chosen to be added to the front or back side of the pendant. In addition to text personalization, we can also add a favorite photograph of your loved one to the front side of the urn pendant. You may upload your photo on our website before placing your order, you may email it to us once your order is placed or you may mail it to us to scan for you. Depending on the provided image, lighting and contrast, the final product may vary. We will do our best to ensure the photo is added to the pendant is the best possible appearance.

The personalized pendant is made from eco-friendly materials which could break down over time if buried. Without burial, the pendant will not break down and can be kept as a keepsake or repurposed as a memorial ornament after your ceremony is complete. Each pendant comes with a 26" natural jute cording.