Memorial Wind Chimes

About Memorial Wind Chimes

Sympathy wind chimes from Perfect Memorials are a special way to honor a loved one. These chimes can be hung on a porch, in a garden, or in another location where they can add music to the air. With each gentle breeze, you'll be reminded of your departed loved one. You have several options when it comes to memorial wind chimes, but each is a beautiful gift to yourself or someone else who has suffered a loss.

Interchangeable Magnetic Wind Chimes

A wonderful memorial to honor a loved one who served others, magnetic sympathy wind chimes have a top and bottom panel where specialty magnets can be added. Choose from the U.S. Marine Corps logo, the U.S. Army logo, or a firefighter rescue symbol, each sold separately. These wind chimes are made of durable metal.

Engravable Wind Chimes

At Perfect Memorials, we also carry a series of engravable memorial wind chimes for funeral memorials. These chimes feature pewter chime tubes and stained glass accents. Choose from a variety of designs, including butterflies and angels. Each includes a wind catcher that can be engraved with the deceased's name, dates, and a brief message. Some chimes also come with a laminated poem that reflects the theme of the item.

If you're looking for memorial wind chimes with more room for engraving, you might want to consider a 40-in. Monogram Signature Series Chime. With a large engravable wind catcher, these chimes have space for a small piece of artwork and a short poem. These wind chimes have a powdered coated and anodized finish.

Non-Customized Wind Chimes

There are many sympathy wind chime options available that do not feature space for personalized engraving. They can still be beautiful ways to remember the departed.

Sonnet chimes are made of quality aluminum and feature chime tubes that have printed messages on them. The printing on the tubes varies by the product you choose, but include options such as “Angels are among us" and “Family...where love never ends." These memorial wind chimes are available in several different sizes, from 21" to 55" in length, and are strung with industrial cord.

If you're looking for a very special option, consider a solar sonnet chime. These personalized sympathy wind chimes include five heavy walled chime tubes and white LED lights to shine around them. A solar panel charges during the day to provide power to the lights at night, and an on/off switch is located under the canopy.

Made from durable metal, enamel, beads, and faux gems, Pewterworks wind chimes feature charming decorations, including hummingbirds and angels. Many feature faux crystal strikers and colorful gem wind catchers. Sizes range from 20" to 26".

Garden Chimes

Unlike hanging sympathy wind chimes, garden chimes and chime stakes have a solid structure that typically looks like stone with an opening that holds several chime pipes. A charm stake can be driven into the ground, while garden chimes can be set on a table, wall, or other flat surface. Each item has space where a pre-selected quote is written. Some chimes also include luminous features that glow at night, while others may be illuminated by a solar LED light.

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