Choosing a Sympathy Gift for Someone Who Lost Their Dad or Husband

While the loss of any loved one is usually very difficult, the loss of a husband or father can leave a gap in our lives.  For many people, the loss of a father or husband may feel like a major source of strength and support has disappeared. When a friend or loved one has lost a parent or spouse, we often want to reach out to offer sympathy and support in a tangible way.

While you can’t replace that loss, showing your friend or loved one that they aren’t alone can be a great gift. Give your time and support to a friend who has lost a father or husband. If you’re looking for sympathy gifts, consider these suggestions.

Thoughtful Gifts for Someone Who Lost Their Dad

If you’d like to give a memorial gift for the loss of a father, consider items that reflect the interests, hobbies, or personality of the deceased. Consider giving a gift that helps the recipient remember their loved one fondly. In addition to jewelry, there are a range of meaningful sympathy gift ideas for the loss of a father, like:

  • Memorial stones include a quote relating to the deceased that can be placed in a garden or on a mantelpiece or bookshelf.
  • A personalized plaque for a stone garden bench is a lovely gift for a spouse whose husband was an avid gardener.
  • Memorial ornaments and candle holder stones
  • An engraved memorial pendant in the shape of a bullet for avid hunters
  • A customized plaque, garden stone, or outdoor windchime for the outdoorsman
  • Sports-themed memorial jewelry
  • A tear bottle to represent history enthusiasts
  • A wooden memorial capsule box

Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Someone Who Lost Their Dad

  • Share Favorite Experiences – Someone who lost their dad might want to carry on traditions of annual trips, attending sporting events, volunteering, tackling physical feats, or simply spending a holiday together. Show your support for a loved one who might welcome the idea of having someone to go with them to share the experience and happy memories of the deceased during the trip or event.Offer to share a favorite experience with the spouse or child of the deceased.
  • Create a Custom Gift – If you’re crafty or a DIY enthusiast, consider creating a range of custom products and attach a personalized engraved plaque. From woodwork projects like bird feeders, benches, geometric wood art, or wall-mounted wooden memorial bottle openers, your skills can dictate what you create, which is sure to be thoughtful and appreciated.Personalize a Favorite Item – If the deceased had a favorite shirt or piece of clothing, it could be turned into a pillowcase or quilt. If they had a favorite glass to drink from, consider getting it etched.

How to Choose a Sympathy Gift for a Widow

The loss of a husband can give rise to similar but different feelings than the loss of a father. A husband is often not only a source of support but also a partner and friend. If your friend or a family member has lost a spouse, consider gifts for a grieving widow that are intangible but helpful to regain structure in everyday life.

Give your time and support to a friend who has lost a father.

Consider thoughtful gestures such as:

  • Offering to pick up or babysit any children
  • Make dinner for the family or organize to take turns with neighbors or friends to deliver meals
  • Offer to straighten up the house and help with cleaning
  • If you’d prefer to be outdoors, consider mowing the lawn or landscape work
  • If you’re very close, offer to help the widow organize any bills or financial matters
  • Consider walking the dog or taking care of any pets that are higher maintenance
  • Help with any household repairs or small projects that might need to be taken care of

If you’re looking for a tangible gift, consider memorial gifts to help your recent widowed friend commemorate their lost loved one.

  • Photos – a classic, yet thoughtful way to commemorate a loved one. More unique ways to gift a photo include having them engraved onto a pendant or plaque, or even fitted onto a wooden memory box.
  • Holiday memorials like customized Christmas ornaments, Father’s Day photo frames, or even military-related products are special during times that can be difficult for widows.
  • Flameless candles are a peaceful way to honor a loved one with a special quote and timer that can be meaningful and safe to turn on each evening.Stones and candle holders can make welcome sympathy gifts.

Supporting a Grieving Friend or Family Member

It’s important to never suggest that a friend of a loved one is grieving in the “wrong” way. We all deal with grief differently, so, if your friend’s reaction is not what yours would be, that’s OK. If you’ve gone through the pain of losing a father or husband, sharing your experiences may be valuable, but don’t assume that your friend or family member will react the same way. Some people have complicated relationships with their parents, and letting your loved one know that all their feelings are OK might be the best gift you can give. Remember to be supportive and helpful and consider a thoughtful gift for someone who lost their dad or husband that can be treasured while they deal with their loss.


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